The families are very poor .They do not even   have basic needs to survive. They often think education is not a need so they do not pay attention to child education. Parents want children to earn livelihood for family by working in the stone quarries and cement factories. There is no possibility for the child health check and wellbeing. They are most neglected for investigation even if they are sick. Therefore it is hard to convince parents.

 Sponsorship can make it possible to end the poverty and child labour.

If you sponsor a child you serve basic care. You support one child, from whom you will receive a photo and the address. Once a year you will receive a report of on the progress of the child you desire to sponsor. If you wish Father Thumma will be the mediator between you and the child.



Process of helping a child with 240 euro’s (20€ per month)

  • 90 euro’s for nutritious  food
  • 25 euro’s for school books
  • 25 euro’s for school fees
  • 20 euro’s for private coaching
  • 20 euro’s for stationary
  • 20 euro’s skill development
  • 10 euro’s for school uniform
  • 10 euro’s or their casuals
  • 10 euro’s for medical check up
  • 10 euro’s for medical treatment and consultation

Help in need is help indeed. Your kindness in small way or big way towards our beloved children is highly appreciated. We do look forward to your help to cheer the child with a gift of your Sponsor.


 It is your free wish to sent letters to the child as often as you like. 

Please sent them always to:


Naveen Thumma C/o Ch.

Koteswar Rao

Door No. 2-136/11

Sree Chaitanya Bhavanipuram

2nd Line

Agathavarapadu (Village)

Reddipalem (PO)

Padakakani (MD)

Guntu A.P. - 522509



Please add the NAME of the child and the sponsorship NUMBER on the left side next to the adress on the envelope.


We sorry that there is no possibility to sent the letters directly to the childrens home because in the villages are no clearly roots or numbers.

Father Naveen will give them dierectly to your child.




 Please fill in the form below to become a sponsor parent:


Please enter the code:

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.



 Your donation will be had off dierectly through

" Kinderhilfsprojekte Father Allam Guntur/Indien e.V."

to  Father Naveen.



IBAN:  DE08548514401000066199

Sparkasse Germersheim - Kandel:  BIC: MALADE51KAD




To the end off the year a donation receipt will automatically reach you!