Our humble beginning (by Father Naveen)


“Father Naveen, the priestly help from India”.

Alisa Ax speaks about Jubilee High School Rayavaram, Diocese of Guntur, INDIA.

It happened in August 2014…..

Alisa was invited by Father Allam to India for a short visit. Landed on 9th August 2014.There after She was placed in the parish of Rayavaram where Father Thumma is a parish Priest. I am an eye witness of his selfless services rendered by Father Thumma.

Jubilee High School is located at Rayavaram, Macherla, Guntur, and Andhra Pradesh, India.

The school is a part of other two elementary school from sub stations of Rayavaram.The total strengths of the school is 532.  Apart from school hours, private coaching is done from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. So children spend around 12 hours in the school premises since parents come home very late in the evening. Most of the children are orphaned and semi orphaned due to the high health risk by pollution from stone quarries and cement factories.

The school is also attached to RCM Elementary school of Athmakur and RCM Elementary School of Polepally. There is a school vehicle to encourage higher education to these under privileged children. Most of the children are Catholics who are from backward communities. They do not have extra pair of cloths to wear and any privilege to go out for any recreational activities.

The condition of school buildings (Rayavaram, Polepally and Athmakur):

The roof and walls are almost in ruined position. Children do not have proper sitting benches. They sit on the floor to read and write. There is no sanitation facility. Children go for open defecation and urination. Due to poor hygiene, children are affected with various reproductive infections. So there is an increase in school dropouts and resulting in early child marriages. Henceforth poverty is in rise affecting the education of poor children.


Socio Economic Background

Geographically the area is very backward. They do not even meet basic needs. The students are first generation to the school. Main source of living depends upon cultivation, working in cement Factories and stone quarries. The area is a severely drought hit hence very poor crops. People health is at high risk for TB, pneumonia and congestive pulmonary decease. So most of the children are orphaned. So children are forced to enter in to bonded child labour. The parents still need to be motivated and encouraged children to continue their education in order to make them self reliable in future and to eradicate poverty.

The children are most vulnerable and unhappiest because they have to work from their indebted parents as a pledge by rich people in villages. They hardly have one meal a day. Most of them survive from the mid day meal provided in the school. The parents live with their children for generations to oppression and contempt in Indian society.

An innovation in the last year is that the school Backnang  near Stuttgart (Max-Born Gymnasium Backnang) has accepted the school in Rayavaram as a partner School. They gave 2,000 Euros from the school project .With this money we have the doors and windows of the school in Rayavaram repaired and the school house was provided with new paint and bought new toys. The children are so happy about it.

Father Thumma

Father Thumma Bala Naveen Reddy born in Guntur / India, became a priest in 2009. He works most of his priestly life  with  unwanted children in the society to liberate the children from existing circumstances, to give positive future generation through education. His main objectives are to eliminate child labour, decrease school Dropout system and ensure continuation of education.

Priest father Thumma not only looks after his parish but also he is engaged in taking care of poor in India in his district. As he is really interested, he spent more than 6000 Euros borrowing from government employees with 12% interest to purchase school van, construction of class room, providing mid day meal and for private coaching. He also provides shoes to children to prevent hurting of feet.

He is dedicated for the up liftment of the poor children. So he spends round the clock in the school premises ensuring quality of education.

In his free time he visits families to bring back school dropouts to the school.

10 euro’s for medical treatment and consultation

Help in need is help indeed. Your kindness in small way or big way towards our beloved children is highly appreciated. We do look forward to your help to cheer the child with a gift of your Sponsor.

The village Rayavaram...